Moodle 3: New Theme for LSU Moodle

New LSU Moodle Theme

LSU will be deploying a new theme in the LSU Academic Moodle environment on May 13, 2019. The new theme, called Snap, will allow for a clean design, improved navigation capabilities, and a universally accessible structure. All features currently available in LSU Moodle will still be available after the new theme is deployed.

NOTE: The theme settings can be controlled by the instructor(s) of each individual course.


Impacts of the New Theme

1. Overall appearance will change

2. Navigation in Snap will be different. This short video highlights some of these differences:

Overview of the new Snap theme

3. Courses wil be created by default in SNAP starting Fall 2019 courses but instructors will have two options to control the course theme.

- Choose a default theme for course creation under Course Preferences on the Home Page (Moodle Default Course Themes).

- Choose a theme for an individual course (Changing a Moodle Course's Theme).


Reverting the New Theme

If you dislike the new Snap theme, you may request that your instructor change it back to the old one, now named "Essential." This is only possible for individual courses - unfortunately, the overall theme of Moodle outside of a specific course's page cannot be changed.

In order to request this change for a specific course, please send your instructor the following article: Moodle 3: Administration: Changing a Moodle Course's Theme.

5/2/2019 2:53:25 PM