Moodle 3: Preferences & Settings: Moving Content and Resource Links


Course content can be moved around on the Moodle Course Main Page.

Icons that let you move items:

1. Move Left / Right Option: Lets you move an item horizontally. This action can indent an item or link for better visibility, or to create an outline hierarchy. It is found within the Edit menu for the resource in Moodle 3.

2. Up/Down Arrow: Lets you move items vertically. Click the icon and drag the content to its new location. You can also single click on this icon, and a box will appear that asks where you would like to move the item.

Moving particular resources or links:

1. Click the Edit link to the right of a specific resource within a topic.

Edit button

2. Click the Move Left/Right option to move the item to the desired side. (If the item is already on the left margin, then you will only see Move Right).  This allows for custom indentation as an aid to organization.

Move Left and Move Right options

3. Click the Up/Down Arrow icon at the left side of the resource and drag the content into place within the same topic or another topic on the Moodle page.

Up/Down arrow

Moving an Entire Section:

1. The section moving icons are located at the top left corner of a section beneath the section number.

2. Click the Up/Down Arrow and drag the section up or down until it is in the correct place.

Up/Down Arrow

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