Moodle 3: Preferences & Settings: Icon Descriptions

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Blocks & Docked Items:

  • Move a Block:

Move Block button

  • Action:

Actions button

  • Configuration:

Configure button

  • Hide Block:

Hide button

  • Show Block:

Show Block button

  • Check Permissions: 

Check Permissions button

  • Delete Block

Delete Block button

  • Minimize Block: 

Minimize button

  • Open Block:

Open button

  • Dock Item:

Dock Block button

  • Undock Item:

Undock Block button

  • Close Menu:

Close button


  • Move Content Up & Down: (click & drag / drag & drop)

Move Section button

  • Edit Topic:

Edit Topic button

  • Highlight & Un-Highlight:

Highlight button

  • Hide/Show Topic: (click to hide/show)

Hide/Unhide button

  • Delete Topic:

Delete Topic button

Topic Assignments: 

  • Edit Settings: 

Edit settings button

  • Move Left:

Move Left button

  • Move Right:

Move Right button

  • Hide Assignment: 

Hide Assignment button

  • Show Assignment: 

Show Assignment button

  • Duplicate Assignment:

Duplicate Assignment button

  • Assign Roles: 

Assign Roles button

  • Delete Assignment:

Delete Assignment button


Administration Block:

Administration block

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