Moodle 3: Preference & Settings: Accessibility Buttons in the Text Editor

This article will explain to you how to use the Accessibility Buttons in the Text Editor in Moodle 3. This will also include the examples of error messages you might see.

The steps below assumes that you already created your activity or resource in Moodle and you have entered a description or other text.


Moodle Text Editor Accessibility Buttons

1. Click the Show more buttons button.

Show more buttons button

2. Click on the Accessibility checker.

Accessibility checker button

3. If there is no error, then you will see this message.

no error message

4. If there are errors, you will see different types of error messages some of which are listed below.


Types of Different Accessibility Checker Error Messages

1. If the font color and background color are too similar, then you will see this error message.

font color error message

2. If there are no headings in large block of text, you will see see this error message.

no heading error message

3. The following error message displays if you have a table that does not have a caption, or if there is no header for row or column.

Accessibility Checker error message for table  


Referenced from: Moodle Docs

5/14/2020 4:32:35 PM