Facility Services: Building & Facility Numbers

General Information

Facilities (including buildings) may have one or more of the following identifiers: Facility Number, Map Number or Old Building Number, Acronym, Long Name & Short Name.

Other identifiers such as state id, license id, etc. are normally not used.

Facility Number

A number maintained on LSU enterprise database for facilities to maintain a unique record. This number does not have any intelligence built into it. Updating information in FAC using this number is preferred.

Map Number or Old Building Number

This number is the number given to a building/facility on LSU map. This numbering system precedes the FAC database. Map numbers have historical continuity. This identifier is used by

  • Campus Police
  • Emergency Personnel
  • Facility Services

Map numbers have intelligence built into them.  Facilities that belong to a geographical location have numbers in a small/close range. Facilities in the quad are numbered in one range while facilities on the south side of the campus belong to a different range.
These numbers are rarely changed. If there are no new numbers available in a given range, a number not in the range may be assigned. In some instances, all the buildings may be moved to a different range.


Most facilities/buildings have a name (usually referred to as long name, and a short name). The acronym (and some abbreviation) usage is also quote common. Some users of FAC-related applications use acronyms to refer to or search for a building.

Facility Services Building is FSB
Facility Services Annex is FSA

Though a facility's name and acronym and acronym can be changed, it is rarely done.

Long Name

The FULL building name.  (Example:  Facility Services Building is the Long Name.)

Short Name

The shortened building name.

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