Fleet Fuel Frequently Asked Questions

FuelTrac is a fleet management company headquartered in Baton Rouge. They provide universally accepted fuel cards which are tied to University owned vehicles or other miscellaneous uses, such as grounds keeping equipment or University business rentals.

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What Services are Offered to LSU?

The system provides access to a wide range of fueling stations, the ability to tie usage to University assets, provides visibility to LSU Property Management & Louisiana Property Assistance Agency (LPAA) on fleet utilization, and ensures that exempted federal excise taxes are properly handled and centralizes the billing process.

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Do I Really Need a FuelTrac Card?  Can I Purchase Fuel on my LaCarte Card?

Fueling your university owned vehicle using the FuelTrac card allows the University to be exempted from federal excise taxes, provides LSU Property Management and LPAA with visibility over fleet utilization and provides your departmental vehicle contact with complete, accurate and summarized data for monthly MV-3 reporting.

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How does the FuelTrac Program work?

The FuelTrac program requires two components to purchase fuel. First, a unique FuelTrac card is tied to a University vehicle.  These cards should remain with the vehicle and will ensure that all fuel purchased for that particular vehicle is properly reported. The second component is a Person Identification Number (PIN) which is specific to a user that has been authorized by your department to purchase fuel. When establishing a PIN for personnel within your department, it will be required that you provide a general ledger account number. All fuel purchased using that PIN will be billed to the general ledger account specified when the PIN is created. A valid PIN will allow a user to fuel any vehicle in the LSU fleet, eliminating the need for card swapping or journal vouchers when vehicles are shared among departments.

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Will any Gas Station Accept the FuelTrac Card?

FuelTrac is accepted at our on campus fueling station on Skip Bertman Drive and most retail fuel stations with the exception of Sam’s Club. These locations do not accept any type of fleet fuel cards.

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Can I Purchase Fuel On-campus, and Where?

YES! There is a fueling station at University Stores located on Skip Bertman Drive across from the Football Practice Fields. Regular & Premium Unleaded Gasoline are available.    

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Is there a Cost Associated with Obtaining a Vehicle Card?

NO. However; if you need a card before the typical 3-5 business day turnaround, there is a nominal $5 overnight fee.    

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Is there a Cost Associated with Obtaining a PIN Number?


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How do I get a FuelTrac Card & PIN Number?

A FuelTrac Card & PIN Number can be requested using the Fleet Fuel Maintenance Form.

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How Long will it take to get the FuelTrac Card once the Request is Submitted?

FuelTrac Cards are typically received 3-5 business days after the vendor receives the request.  24-Hour Turnaround is available for a $5.00 Fee.

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How will I be Billed for the Fuel that I Purchase with my FuelTrac Card?

University Stores will generate an Internal Transaction (IT) monthly, it will include all of the fuel purchased in the previous month. Reports will be provided via email to your departmental vehicle contact which will include the detailed transactions reconciling to the monthly IT.

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My Department Recently Purchased a New Vehicle & Sent our Old Vehicle to Surplus. How do I get a FuelTrac Card for my New Vehicle?

University Stores will receive notification from Property Management that the old vehicle has been sent to surplus so that card will be canceled.

To obtain a card for your new vehicle, complete & submit the FuelTrac Maintenance Form.

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How Can I Change the Account Number that my Fuel Purchases are Billed To?

Complete & Submit the FleetFuel Maintenance Form. We will ensure the changes are reflected.

Important:  FuelTrac’s System is Live, this means that the data change is reflected going forward only. If an Account Number is changed mid-month, the Old Account will be charged for the first part of the month & the New Account Number will be charged as of the time of the change.

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My Department does not own a Vehicle; however we Rent Vehicles Often. Does the FuelTrac Program allow me to purchase fuel for our Rental Vehicles?

NO. Fuel for rental vehicles must be purchased through LaCarte & Reported in accordance with University Travel Regulations (PM-13).

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How do I Purchase Fuel for Equipment such as Lawn Mowers & Tractors, Pressure Washers?

Flexibility is built into the program allowing the Fuel Cards to be used for purchasing fuel for miscellaneous reasons such as filling gas cans that are used for grounds keeping equipment.  

Contact University Stores at 578-6086 or usop02@lsu.edu for additional details.

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My Vehicle Card was Lost or Stolen. How can I get a Replacement Card?

Immediately contact University Stores at 578-6086 or usop02@lsu.edu. We will de-activate the lost or stolen Vehicle Card & issue you a New Vehicle Card.

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I think my PIN Number might have been Compromised, what should I do?

Immediately contact University Stores (578-6086 or usop02@lsu.edu). We will de-activate the PIN & issue you a New PIN.

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What Reports are available to help me Track my Fuel Usage?

Departmental Vehicle Contacts will be notified monthly via e-mail when the Reports are available for download.

There are three reports: Sorted by Vehicle ID, by PIN & by GLS Account. The report sorted by Vehicle ID will aid in the monthly MV-3 Reporting. The report by PIN is a general information report which the departments might find useful for internal reporting needs. Finally, the report by GLS Account will aid your business office in reconciling the charges to your General Ledger Accounts.

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Will the FuelTrac System help me to gather the information I need for my Fleet Reporting?

YES! Departmental Vehicle Contacts will be notified monthly via email that Reports are available for download. These Reports will provide information by LSU Asset Number, this will simplify the Monthly Fleet Reporting (MV-3).

LSU Property Management & Louisiana Property Assistance Agency (LPAA) will have access to this data. This is available to enhance awareness of the LSU Fleet Utilization & its Efficiency.

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Can I Access Historical Reports for Fuel Usage?

YES! The custom reports that are emailed to fuel contacts monthly are available at https://fueltrac.lsu.edu/. Sign on with your full PAWS ID@lsu.edu e-mail address & Password. Select the month you are interested in recovering and type of report.

Report any issues to University Stores at usop02@lsu.edu or 578-6086.

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