myLSU Portal: Password Management

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General Information

You can manage the passwords for ALL of your LSU accounts in one place with the myLSU Portal.   (View the myLSU Portal: Overview for more information.)

Accounts & IDs:  (1) MyLSU Account ID,  (2) Mainframe ID
  *Some exceptions apply.

Password FAQs

How do I Reset & Change my Passwords?

How do I Use Passphrases & Passwords?

How do I Choose & Protect my Passwords?

PAWS Password Policies & Security Levels

Password Management

1. Log into the myLSU Portal.  (

2. Click Personal Preferences | Password Management.

3. Select the Account that you want to Reset the Password on.  Accounts which are available to you will display in the drop-down list.

Select a User ID, and click the "Change Password" button.

How To Change Your Password?

Change Your MyLSU Account Password

Change Your Mainframe Password.   (You MUST manually change your password the next time you log in.)

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