Softenv on HPC clusters

User Environment.

The LSU HPC systems make use of softenv to allow for adding software to the user's environment. Executing softenv on philip will display the available software:

$ softenv

In order to add software to your environment, you'll need to add the appropriate key to your ~/.soft file. For example, to add the package ImageMagick to your user environment, you would need to add the following:

$ cat ~/.soft

The order in which you add keys to ~/.soft is important. The first occurrence of a setting takes precedence.

Once the entries are to your liking, you must then execute the command resoft, i.e.:

$ resoft

If your code needs to link to a library of given package, you will find all software installed under /usr/local/packages/, e.g.:

$ ls /usr/local/packages/
  apache_ant  boost     fuse     gold      hdf5         ...
  arpack      boostjam  gamess   graphviz  hypre        
  atlas       condor    git      gromacs   ImageMagick  
  blacs       fftw      gnuplot  gsl       iozone       


11/9/2023 9:57:16 AM