LSU Online: Online Communication: Netiquette Recap

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LSU Online: Online Communication: Netiquette Recap

Although you might be accustomed to using forms of electronic communication, such as text messaging and chat, communicating as part of a course involves a slightly different set of skills and conventions commonly referred to as "netiquette." Netiquette covers a set of core rules for proper online behavior.

  • Avoid using all capital letters as it can give the impression that you are shouting. If you want to emphasize a point, use asterisks around a word.
  • Avoid personal attacks, called "flaming." If you read a message that you suspect might be a personal attack, resist the temptation to fire off a response. Instead, let your response sit before sending or request that your instructor resolve the situation.
  • Avoid offensive language or comments that attack the writer of the comment rather than his or her argument.

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