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General Information

Qualtrics is a research and survey software that allows CURRENTLY ENROLLED students, currently active faculty and staff of the LSU A&M, Law Center, and Veterinary Medicine campuses to create, distribute, and analyze robust surveys. Qualtrics products are supported in Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers.


Account Information

New LSU brand Qualtrics Users:
Previous Qualtrics users that wish to migrate an existing Qualtrics account to the LSU brand:

Note: Some add-ons or additional features that are not included in the LSU Qualtrics site-wide license may require additional annual fees. If an individual or department would like to purchase an add-on, please contact PMO via pmo@lsu.edu.


Getting Started

Note that when you log in, you will be asked to choose your campus. Please choose the campus that you are affiliated with to login to Qualtrics. If you are having any issues accessing your surveys in the account for the campus you are under, please reach out to servicedesk@lsu.edu to troubleshoot the access.

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Qualtrics content

NOTE: The standard LSU Qualtrics license cannot accommodate HIPAA. Do not include sensitive student, health, or financial data in any Qualtrics surveys or reports.
Use of Qualtrics for the purpose of LSU's COVID response is managed through a separate instance of Qualtrics and is not the same as the standard LSU Qualtrics instance.
All Qualtrics content developed by LSU Personnel is considered Course Material. While some of the Qualtrics developed material could be an LSU Work or LSU Digital Media, the determination as a Course Material is in the best interest of the LSU Personnel and LSU.
According to Chapter VII of the Regulations of the Board of Supervisors:
Course Materials shall mean any copyrights in underlying educational materials or course content used in the bona fide teaching or instruction of a regularly scheduled course for credit offered by the University, to the extent that an author of those materials, himself or herself, uses those materials in teaching the course; including portions, subsets, drafts, revisions, updates, versions, and instructional components of such materials; whether printed, digital, Internet based, CD/DVD-based, audio- or video-based, or otherwise. Course Materials may include copyrights in items that would otherwise constitute LSU Works, LSU Software, or LSU Digital Media. Course Materials shall not, however, include rights in any patent, patent application, LSU Database, LSU Mark, or LSU Invention…”
LSU Work shall mean any original work of authorship that is fixed in any tangible medium of expression, and that is created or produced during an activity that is supported by the University, in whole or in part. The term LSU Work shall also include any copyright or other legal rights derived from such a work. The support by the University may, for example, take the form of financial support, use of facilities, use of supplies, payment of salary, the consideration provided in a particular contract, or otherwise.”
LSU Digital Media is a collective term that encompasses all LSU Software, as well as some LSU Works … An LSU Work is considered LSU Digital Media if it is fixed in a tangible digital medium (including, by way of example, a magnetic tape, a floppy disk, a hard disk, a compact disk, a digital video disk/digital versatile disk/DVD, or an Internet website) that is intended to be used by third parties in digital form or that is intended to be distributed in digital form to third parties for consideration … Some LSU Digital Media will be treated as LSU Works, and some LSU Digital Media will be treated as LSU Software, as provided in greater detail in Section 7-7(b).”
In accordance with Chapter VII of the Regulations of the Board of Supervisors, the LSU Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization has made a determination that all Qualtrics content developed by LSU Personnel shall be treated as Course Material and therefore, in accordance with Section 7-7 a “the University releases to the respective author(s) all of the University’s interest in … Course Material… The University reserves a nonexclusive, paid-up, royalty-free right to distribute copies of Course Materials … both internally and to third parties, whether by electronic means, microfilm, or otherwise.”


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