LISTSERV: Request New List

Request New List:

To request a new Listserv list to be created on the LSU Listserv system, please contact the Service Desk with the following information:

1. A Name for the list. 

The name may not include any spaces or special characters other than hyphens (-) and underscores (_). Examples: ITSLAB-L, LSU-ITINFO, LEGACY.

2. A Brief Description of the list (100 characters or less).

This description will appear as the "friendly name" for the list similar to how an e-mail from a person will have the person's name pre-pended to his e-mail address in the From field. 

3. The Listowner Name & E-mail Address.

The listowner will be able to add & delete members and will also receive all of the "failure to deliver" messages. 

4. A Password for the list (optional).

5. Will this LISTSERV list be used as an Announcement-Only List, where only the Listowner can post messages?    OR  

 Will this LISTSERV List be used as a Discussion List, where ANY member of the list can post messages? 

** If this is to be a Discussion List, do you want the list to be Moderated?  This is where each message must first be APPROVED by the Listowner before it is distributed.

6. Do you want Replies to go back to the Listserv Members?    OR  

Do you want Replies to go back to the Sender of the e-mail

Transfer Ownership:

To transfer ownership to another user, the account owner or department chair must send an e-mail to containing the following formation:

  • The Listserv you would like to re-assign.
  • The myLSU Account / E-mail of the individual you would like to re-assign it to.


For more information on LISTSERV Lists and adding members, please see the LISTSERV FAQ or LISTSERV: How to Add & Remove Subscribers.

3/28/2024 8:47:50 AM