OneDrive for Business (Office365): Desktop App Installation (Mac)


Installing OneDrive for Business on a Mac OS X Operating System:

1. Open the App Store.

App Store application

2. Once the App Store opens, find the top right corner of the page for the Search Bar and type OneDrive. Press Enter.

Search Bar

3. Locate the OneDrive app from the search list and click on it.

Search Results

4. To install the app, click Get. The get icon will immediately convert to a green button labeled Install App. Click on Install App to proceed with the installation process.

Get button

5. If you haven't signed in with your Apple ID, enter your Apple ID and Password.

Apple Sign In

6. Wait until the installation finishes, and click Open once the installation finishes.

Open button

7. The OneDrive app will open. Enter your email address and select Sign In.

Set up OneDrive window

8. Sign in with your Microsoft Account.

  • Note: Make sure you sign in with your own personal Microsoft account (ex. and NOT with your LSU email account ( Do NOT use your LSU email.

Microsoft Sign In window

9. Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location to choose the folder desired to sync your documents.

Choose OneDrive Folder Location window

10. Choose the folder desired and select Choose this location.

Finder window

11. Click Next.

OneDrive Folder confirmation

12. Select whether you want all files and folders to be synced, or to selective choose a few. Once you're finished, click Done.

Sync Files window

13. You have successfully installed the OneDrive App for Mac.


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