Digital Media Services: Best Practices for Managing Video Files

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General Information

LSU's Academic Technology Services (ATS) recommends using the following steps for backing up your video and media files. These steps should be done on a regular basis to ensure your personal directory of files are kept up to date. 


LSU ITS currently has a retention policy for its lecture capture system Panopto. Recordings of ITS sponsored events, conferences, etc. will be retained indefinitely. Standard class lecture recordings will be stored and retained on Panopto for one full semester past the original recording date. For instance, a recording made in fall 2015 will be retained until the end of the spring 2016 semester, after which it will be deleted. A notice will be sent each semester to all faculty, staff, and administrators to remind them of the approaching purge of recordings. Please see the following GROK article regarding Panopto Lecture Capture: Terms of Use for more information. 

To download a Panopto recording: 

1. Log in to the LSU Panopto Web Portal via Moodle or directly from the LSU Panopto Web Portal login page. 

2. Locate the recording session you wish to share its URL.

3. Select Settings underneath the session.

4. Select the Outputs Tab on the left side of the window.

5. Select Type via drop down menu.
Note: There are different Types available for download.

7. Select Download Podcast.

8. The Podcast will start downloading as an MP4 File.

See the GROK article on Panopto: Downloading a Podcast for more information.


To upload media files that you have either downloaded from Panopto and want to reuse or other media files that you have acadmic permission to use for teaching:

1. Log in to the LSU Panopto Web Portal via Moodle or directly from the LSU Panopto Web Portal login page. 

2. Select the green Create tab and then select Upload Video from the dropdown list.

3. Select the folder that you want to add the files to under the Choose a folder dropdown.

4. Select Choose video or audio files and then select your media file. Note: The media file will automatically begin uploading, and will be available once the video has finished processing.

See the GROK article on Panopto: Uploading a Media File for more information.


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