Moodle 3: Blocks: Moodle Mail Block (Faculty)

The Moodle Mail block allows users to email one or more participants of a course. In this block, instructors can compose emails, set up their signatures, view drafts and history, set alternate emails, and configure the settings.

Moodle Mail Block (Faculty)

The Moodle Mail Block allows the instructor to have all composing and editing options for email all in the same place.

Moodle Mail on Moodle 3

Details on Each Link --

  • Alternate Emails: Set up an alternate email to direct mail from that address instead of the course email address.

  • Configuration: Instructors can customize the settings to allow/restrict students' use of Moodle Mail.

  • Create Notifications: Create automated notifications and set the rules by which they operate.


Moodle Mail for Students

Instructors can give the following Grok article to students as a resource: Moodle Mail Block (Students)

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