TurningPoint: Adding the Turning Account Registration link to your Moodle course

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TurningPoint is a response system used for polling students. TurningPoint used with Moodle 3 has enhanced security for student responses.

With the TurningPoint system, students must have an active license in order to receive credit for their responses. Students must access the registration system through a Turning Account Registration link in Moodle that you must add to your course site.

NOTE: Each semester you will need to set the registration link for your course. If you are bringing over your course from the previous semester in which you already had the link, you will need to make one setting change.

To make the setting change click on Edit on your course page and then click on Edit - Edit Settings to the right of the Registration Link. On the section entitled, "Preconfigured tool" you will want to click on the drop down menu and select Turning Point and click on Save and return to course.


Adding the Turning Account Registration link to your Moodle Course:

1. Go to the course homepage.

2. Click Turn Editing On.

3. Click Add an activity or resource in the first topic, where the link should appear.

Add an activity or resource link

4. Click External Tool.

External tools option

5. Type in TurningPoint Registration System into the Activity Name and choose TurningPoint Registration from the Preconfigured Tool drop down menu. 

Add general tool window with preconfigured tool option

6. Click on the dropdown arrow next to Grade, then change the Grade Type to None by selecting the dropdown arrow.

grade settings section

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and return to course.

save and return to course button

8. Once you have completed the above steps and you are ready for your students to register their clicker and/or license, you will need to make your course Available to your students. 

  • To do this, go to your Moodle course, click on Edit Settings under the Administration block, then where it says Available to students, select Show from the dropdown menu and then click on Save and return.

Turning point registration system



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