Moodle 3: Blocks: Administration: Student Progress Tracking

General Information

Student Progress Tracking enables instructors to generate reports about which course materials students have completed. Items can be automatically marked as complete, based on a pre-set criteria, or manually marked as completed by students. Upon completion, students will see a check-mark to the right of completed items in their Moodle page. To learn more about Activity Completion settings for activities and resources, see GROK article: Access Control Contingencies.

Activity Completion settings are also important as criteria for Access Control contingencies. To learn more about Access Control options, see GROK article #18344 Access Control Contingencies.

Use Progress Tracking in Moodle

For the Activity Completion options to be available, Completion Tracking must be enable for the Moodle course.  This setting is found in the Course Settings page.

1. Click on the Edit Settings link in the Administration block in the desired course.

Edit Settings

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Settings page and find the Completion tracking section. You can either select yes or no in the drop down. If no is selected, you will not see the Activity Completion options section in any activity or resource settings page within your course.

Completion Tracking settings

3. Select the option you want and then click the Save and display button.

Save and Display button

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