Moodle 3: Blocks: Administration: Course Completion Status

Course Completion Status Block

This block shows the status for each student. It is also the place where the teacher (or others) can mark the course as complete.

NOTE: The course completion status block will only appear if completion tracking criteria are set in Setting; to do so follow the instructions.

To Set up Course Completion Status:

1. Once inside the determined course to set the Course Completion Status Block: Under Administration, Select Edit Settings

 Edit Settings Selection

2. Select the opinion named: Completion Tracking.

Course Completion Tab enabled to Yes

3. Change or make sure that "Enable completion tracking" is set to Yes. Save Changes to be sure.

4. From here switch into Edit Mode

Edit icon

5.  Scroll down to: Add A Block. Select Course Completion Status.

Course Completion Status in the Add a Block dropdown menu

6. The administrative Course Completion Block should appear on the right-hand side.

course completion status block

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