Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Quiz Group Override Settings

The Group Override setting provides instructors the abilitiy to allow for student accommodations and increased time allotments for a number of users within their Moodle course at one time. Before adding a Group Override, instructors must first create a Group for the students who require the same accommodations. See How to Create Groups. If only one student requires an accommodation, or if you have students who require different accommodations, instructors should use the Quiz User Override settings.

How to Enable the Group Override Setting:

1. Select the course where your desired quiz is located.

2. Click on the link to the quiz.

Clicking the Quiz in the course

3. Scroll down to the Administration box. Select Group Overrides.

Group Overrides under Administration

4. On the next screen, click the Add Group Override button.

Add Group Override button for a Quiz

5. Here you can edit the override settings. Select the group you would like to override settings for, and edit the settings you desire. You can set a password, a different open/close date and time limit, and the number of attempts allowed.

Group Override options

6. Click Save.

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