Moodle 3: Blocks: Administration: Restoring from an Archive File

Restore After Edit is Complete for Archived Files

You can transfer content from an old Moodle course into your new course by using the Restore process. This process will overwrite any content that is in your current course. If you have already added content to your course and you do not want to overwrite, you can use the Import All process instead to bring content from another course archive.

Restore Content from an Archived Course

1. Click the Overwrite current course link in the Simple Restore block.

Simple restore window options

2. Find the archive file that you want to restore into your course. In this example we are choosing the first of there are multiple archive files for the course you want, look at the date to find the most recent version.

List of archivable files

3. You will see a screen that warns you that You Are About to Overwrite your Course

  • Click the Continue button.

Continue button on the overwrite current course dialog box.

4. The Restore Process will then begin.

  • Depending on the size of your archive file, it may take a few minutes.

5. Once the Restore Process completes, you will see a Confirmation Page stating that the course was properly restored.

6. Click Continue to then view the Restored Content in your Course.


If you encounter Any Problems with the Restore Process  - OR -  If you later find that content is still NOT Properly Restored:

1. Call the Faculty Technology Center at 225.578.3375 (Option 2)

2. E-mail the Service Desk at, include Moodle 3  in the subject line.

5/26/2020 2:13:30 PM