Moodle 3: Administration Block: How to Assign Users to Groups

To Assign a User to a Group:

1. Login to Moodle and choose the desired course.

2. In the Administration block on the left hand side panel, click the folder next to Users, then select Enrolled users.

Enrolled users option under the Users folder

3. You will see a list of all the users enrolled in the course. Click the Add user to a group button that corresponds to the one you wish to assign to a group. 

Add a student to a group button

4. Choose a group to place the user in, then click Save.

Choosing a group for the student

5. The user will now be part of that group.


Alternate Ways To Add a User to a Group:

1. Click on the Users link under the Administration block and click on the Groups link.

groups link under the users folder on the administration block

2. Click on the section/group on the left to select it. Click on the Add/remove users button. Select the user you wish to add by clicking on the name.

add or remove users button at the right side of the page

3. Click on the Add button to add the user to the group. Be sure to complete this process with all the sections of your course the user should have access to.

add button on the users window


1. Select Enrolled Users under the Users dropdown in Administration dropdown menu.

enrolled users options under the users folder

2. Locate the user you would like add, and click the Add User to Group icon under the Groups column.

add user to groups icon under the groups header

3. Choose all of the groups you would like to add them to, and then click Save at the bottom of the screen to finish.

sections field box

NOTE: The second method is sometimes easier when moving users in bulk.

5/13/2020 8:37:07 PM