Moodle 3: Administration Block: How to Conduct an Advanced Search to Find Students' Forum Posts

Conduct an Advanced Search in Forums

This is done to find the Forum Posts made by a specific student.

1. Login to Moodle

2. Click Advanced Search in the Search Forums Block.

Advanced Search option beneath the Search Forums textbox

3. Enter the Name of the student in the field marked "This name should match the author".

Advanced Search settings

4. Click Search forums.

Search Forums button

5. The Search Results will display All Forum Posts made by that particular Student.

Turn this Block ON

  • NOTE: You will need to do these steps if you do not see the Search Forums block on your Moodle page.

1. Click Edit to turn editing On.  (Located at the top, right of the screen.)

Edit button

2. Select Search Forums in the Add a Block drop-down box.

Search Forums option on the Add a Block drop-down menu

5/20/2020 1:34:13 PM