Kaltura: Adding a Kaltura Video Resource

The Kaltura plugin for Moodle adds several features that enable instructors to add and manage video and audio content in their Moodle courses.
Specifically, it provides a Kaltura Video Resource and Kaltura Video Assignment Any videos uploaded through these means is manageable through the My Media management area in your Moodle Navigation Block. Finally, the plugin provides some viewership metrics in the form of per-course reports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kaltura's screen recorder is only available through Kaltura Capture.

There are many benefits to using the Kaltura Video Resource to share videos within a course:

  • You don't have to worry about file size.
  • Videos are played directly within the browser rather than requiring participants to download the video to see it.


Adding a Kaltura Video Resource

1. Login to Moodle and choose the course to which you wish to add VoiceThread.

2. Click Create a learning activity.

Create learning activity button


3. Select Kaltura Video Resource, located under RESOURCES, in the sidebar at the left.

selecting kaltura video resource under the resources menu option

4. Fill out the fields presented.

  • Enter the Kaltura Video Name* (Required).
  • Enter the Kaltura Video Description (Optional).

General settings section

5. Under the Video section, you can add media by clicking the Add Media button at the bottom left:

kaltura video section

6. Select the video you want to add to your Course. If you have not previously uploaded a video to Kaltura, Click Add New at the top right and add a new Media Upload. For more information, see Uploading a Video File (Faculty & Instructors).

selecting or adding a new kaltura video

7. Customize the Media Options, such as the Player Skin, Size, and the Metadata to include. Once finished, click Embed to return to the activity settings.

Note: The default Player Skin does not give students the option to download the file. The second player skin includes a download button.

Kaltura media options window

8. Click Common Module Settings to see available options and edit settings like availability to students, ID number, and group options.

Common Module Settings section

9. Click Restrict Access to see options for restricting access to some users if needed by clicking the Add restriction button.

Restrict Access Section

10. Click on Tags to add any relevant tags.

the tags section  

11. Click the Save and return to the course button at the bottom of the page. 

Moodle Save & Return buttons



Referenced from Kaltura: LSU Overview.

4/1/2021 1:31:04 PM