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The history of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College spans over 150 years. University Archives contains an ever-growing number of records, collections, photographs, and University publications dating back to the institution’s origins in 1860.

To View University History from the LSU Libraries Special Collection:

1. Log in to LSU Library Special Collections.

LSU Librairies Special Collections page

2. Under the Collections and Centers tab at the top of the screen, click University Archives.  

Special Collections - University Archives

3. This will direct you to the University Records Management page. Select Records Management from the left-hand side of the screen or click the Records Management section.

University Records Management

4. The next window will show three sections of the University Records and Information Management that LSU offers: Record Groups, Records Selection and Transfer Information, and Records and Information Management (RIM) Resources. You can click on any of the three and browse around for the information you are looking for. 

University Records Management page


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