Moodle 3: Gradebook: Collapsing & Expanding Columns


Moodle 3: Collapsing and Expanding Columns

One method to expand and collapse columns in Gradebook view is changing the display. This can be accomplished using the View toggles to the right of the Grade Categories listed.

To Expand and Collapse Columns in Moodle:

1. Log in to Moodle, and open your desired course.

2. Under the Administration block, select Grades.

Grade options on the Administration block.

3. Make sure that you're in Gradebook view using the dropdown at the top of the window.

Gradebook on the View drop down

4. Locate the View toggles to the right of your categories to change the display.

Displays in Gradebook include:

  • Aggregates only - category total column only.

  • Grades only - without the category totals column.

  • Full View - grades and the aggregates (the totals column for the category).

View toggles on the Gradebook toolbar.

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