Kaltura: CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder Library

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Kaltura's CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder allows instructors and students to easily create videos. For more information on the recording options, see CaptureSpace Lite Overview.

Note: If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop recorder, see Download CaptureSpace Lite.

The Library contains a list of the video and audio recordings. When creating a a video, the user has the option to upload it immediately, or save it locally. Both instances will keep the video in the Library. From here, users can manage their recordings created in the desktop recording program.


To Access and Use the Desktop Recorder Library

1. Log into Moodle.

2. Click on Kaltura and then My Media in the Navigation block on the left.

Kaltura My Media


3. On the right, click the Add New menu and select CaptureSpace Lite.

CaptureSpace lite button


4. An Application Launcher menu will pop-up. Choose Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder and then Open link. (Optional: if available, you can choose to remember this choice for future recordings.)

launch application menu


5. Click the Library tab to access the video and audio recordings created in the Desktop Recorder.

library tab


6. Locate the video or audio file you need. Each file has options. Clicking the Edit button (looks like a pencil) will take you to the Preview screen where you can do basic editing like trimming and chopping. The Delete (X) button will permanently remove the video or audio file permanently remove it from the Library (and computer). If the file contains the Not uploaded. Upload now link, click on it to upload the file to your My Media area in Moodle.

Once uploaded, see Grok article Adding a Kaltura Video Resource to add it to your course.

library settings


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