Kaltura: How to Download a Kaltura Video

By default, videos that are added to Kaltura do not allow downloads. However, an owner of a video can change this setting to download a copy of it.

How to Download a Kaltura Video:

1. Login to Moodle using your myLSU ID and password. 

myLSU portal

2. In the Navigation block, select Kaltura button Kaltura >  My Media.

Kaltura > My Media option

3. Locate the video and select theEdit buttonEdit button on the right-hand side.   

Edit button

4. Click on the Downloads tab, check the box marked Source File and Save your changes.

Kaltura Downloads tab

5. Return to the My Media page via the Navigation block.

6. Locate and select the video, then click the Download button Download button.

Download button


Referenced from: moodle3.lsu.edu

2/25/2021 8:40:56 AM