Moodle 3: Assigning Roles - Adding Additional Roles

This article explains how to add additional roles to a participant in a Moodle course.


Adding Additional Roles to a Moodle Course Participant

1. To get to the Enrolled users page follow the steps found in this article - Moodle 3: Assigning Roles

2. Find the participant for which you wish to add a role and click the black lock icon by their name.

Lock icon to right of enrolled user

3. The Assign roles menu will appear. Click the role you would like to add to the participant.

Assign roles box

4. In this example, the role of non-primary instructor has been added to the participant.

Non-primary instructor role added to participant.

5. If you wish to remove a role, simply click the "X" next to the role.

Removing non-primary instructor role

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