Kaltura: Add Slides and Slide Decks to Kaltura Video

Kaltura is an online software that lets you upload videos and audios to Moodle. This article will explain to you how to add slides and slide decks to Kaltura video.

The steps below assumes that you have already uploaded a video to Kalura.


Add slides and slide decks to Kaltura video

1. Go to Kaltura in the Moodle 3 and then select My Media.

my media button in Kaltura

2. Click on the Edit button.

Edit button in Kaltura

Note: Title of the video was omitted to prevent copyright issues.

3. Click the Timeline button.

Timeline Button

4. Click on to down arrow symbol at the specific time, when you want to upload slide decks or single slides.

upload slide or slide decks

5. After you select Upload Single Slide or Upload Full deck option, click the upload slide button.

Upload slide button


Referenced from: Kaltura.com

12/11/2020 6:11:02 PM