Kaltura: How to Download a Caption File

Kaltura: How to Download a Caption File

Once you have successfully edited the video captions, you will need to create a downloadable transcript and make it available below the embedded video.

1. Log into Moodle.

2. Access My Media.

3. Locate the video and click on Edit.

Edit button


4. Click on the Captions tab.

Captions tab


5. Click on download icon.

download icon


How to Create a Transcript File

6. After the file downloads, click to open it. A Notepad file will open.

Notepad file


7. Copy all of the text in the Notepad/text file. If you press CTRL+A when your cursor is in the text file, it will automatically select all of the words in the file. Make sure you right click and hit “Copy” or use CTRL+C.

8. Open up a Word document and paste the text into the document. You will see that the timestamps and caption number are still embedded in the text. So, you will then go through your captions line-by-line and remove the numbers and timestamps until just the transcript remains.

Word Document

Copied  text


9. It is recommended that you then save the Word file as a PDF by click “File”>“Save as” and select “PDF” from the dropdown menu for “Save as type.” You can now add the transcript file to your course.

Save the Word File

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