TeamDynamix: ITS Work Intake

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Users can create a new Work Intake ticket through the ITS Service Catalog. View the instructions below to create a new ticket.


Creating a New Work Intake Ticket

1. The Work Intake form can be accessed in several ways, and is the same form regardless of location:

2. On the Work Intake page, click Request Service to enter a work intake.

Request Service button at top right

3. The form has four fields that need to be filled out:

  • Title: Short subject of the work being requested
  • Description: A detailed write up of the work being requested
  • Support Area: A dropdown to select which system the request is for
  • Sub System: Some systems are made up of many smaller sub systems and the more specific area needs to be selected
  • Due Date: Please selected that date you are requesting the change be completed


4. Once those fields are filled out, click on the Request button at the bottom to submit the request.  Once submitted, you may close the window or select "View the request you submitted".

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