SNAP: Adding Feedback Files

Instructors can add feedback files when grading assignments within Snap. Feedback files can be anything from a marked-up edit of a student paper or even audio clips of verbal feedback.

However, before feedback files can be added to an assignment, they must be enabled. 


How to Enable the Feedback File Option

1. Locate the Assignment within which you'd like enable feedback files and click the Edit button to open the assignment's settings menu.

snap assignment edit button


2. Click the Feedback types drop down menu and check the Feedback files toggle box.

Snap feedback types and files options



Adding Feedback Files

1. While Grading an Assignment in Snap scroll down to the Feedback Files section.

Snap assignment feedback files


2. From here you'll have the option to Add an individual file, Create folder to organize uploaded files, and Download all feedback files you may have uploaded.

add, create folder, or download all buttons


3. If the file you'd like to add here is local (e.g. a document on your desktop), simply click and drag it in to the feedback files field.

4. You can also add non-local files by clicking the Add button. This gives you the option of adding files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and a number of other Cloud services.

Uploading feedback files options



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