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ProctorU Information Page for LSU Online
Alternatives to Online Proctoring

Please consider alternative assessment options in order to reduce the number of ProctorU tests. For help with designing assessments, visit the Course Design & Development page.

For LSU Online Courses 

This page contains information about using ProctorU online proctoring services for LSU Online courses. This service allows students to complete course exams at any location while still ensuring the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. Using a webcam and audio capability, students can take exams in a conducive environment and where they have reliable internet access. ProctorU is the only university-approved proctoring service at this time.

Get further help for instructors in the section Information for Instructors or students in Information for Students.

Getting Started (Instructors and Students)

Important information about how ProctorU works:

  • Create an account (instructor or student). Go to the LSU Online portal and select “Sign Up.” Your institution will be pre-populated as “Louisiana State University Online.”
    • Students: Click the Test-Taker button to get started.
    • Instructors: Click the Instructor button to get started. Special note: If you already have a ProctorU account with your LSU email address, you will need to create your account with a different email address.
  • Online Distance Learning (ODL) students should go to the LSU ODL ProctorU portal to create an account. 
  • Visit the ProctorU Live Resource Center. Learn: 
    • How ProctorU works
    • What to expect when testing
    • Technical requirements, and more.


For Instructors
Selecting a Proctoring Type

When creating your exams in ProctorU, you will see the following department options. Selecting the department will determine the type of proctoring and the price of each exam.

ProctorU Live+ $15.00 USD per exam
ProctorU Review+ (includes Live Launch and Professional Review) $5.00 USD per exam
ProctorU Record+ (fully automated, includes Professional Review) $4.00 USD per exam


Live+ ($15.00) Review+ ($5.00) Record+ ($4.00)
  • Solution for high-stakes exams/assessments
  • Full live environment – Proctors from ProctorU live monitor every session
  • Suspicious behavior is flagged for faculty to review
  • For more information view the ProctorU Live+ page
  • Solution for low to mid stakes exams/quizzes
  • Hybrid of live environment and artificial intelligence monitoring
  • Suspicious behavior is investigated by ProctorU proctors and reported to faculty
  • For more information view the ProctorU Review+ page
  • Solution for low-stakes exams/quizzes
  • Artificial intelligence monitoring inside of Moodle
  • Session is recorded for later review
  • Suspicious behavior is investigated by ProctorU proctors and reported to faculty
  • For more information, view the ProctorU Record+ page
Adding an Exam to ProctorU (Live+ and Review+)

The following information will help you add an exam to the ProctorU site. Before creating the exam, make sure your institution is Louisiana State University Online and that you have downloaded the ProctorU extension for Chrome or Firefox. Then, follow the steps below. NOTE: These steps do not apply to the Record+ proctoring type. For information on how to set up this proctoring type, please see the article ProctorU Record+ in Moodle.

To set up an exam for Live+ or Review+:

1. Log in to ProctorU. On your home page, click the blue “Add New” button in the top right corner. Select “Exam.”

2. On the next screen, you will enter your exam details. Please note that selecting the department will determine the type of proctoring service. Fill in the required information (asterisked) plus the following items:

  • For the exam title, please use the naming convention: Institution_Dept&Number_Exam Name_Instructor Last Name.
  • Example: LSU Online_SW 7501_Final Exam_Smith
  • Course Number (e.g. SW 7501)
  • Select instructor
  • Add exam passwords from Moodle
  • Select permitted resources
  • In “Other resources,” specify any allowed resources not included above.
  • In “Additional Exam Notes,” include any additional instructions you have regarding resources. Include things like: details about scratch paper, calculator models, special third-party site instructions (e.g. publisher sites), and prohibited items. 
  • Your name under contact information

3. Click “Submit for Review.”


If you have a student who needs accommodations, you will need to email prior to that student’s exam appointment to report the student’s needs. Include the following information in your email: 

  • Test-taker’s first and last name
  • Test-taker's email address on their ProctorU account 
  • Accommodation information (e.g. extra time, bathroom breaks, permitted use of a screen reader, a person in the room for extra assistance)
  • The name(s) of the exam(s) that the accommodations will cover
General List of Testing Accommodations
  • Time and a half on all examinations
  • Double time on all examinations
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Distraction Reduced Environment
  • Frequent Breaks
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Alternative Test Formats (Braille, Enlarged Text with Font Size)
  • Use of Assistive Technology

*Please note that if there are other testing accommodations which are not on the list, Disability Services will notify the faculty.

ProctorU does not need any information about the test-taker's disability or reasoning for why an accommodation is requested.

You can send your students a direct link to ensure that they select the correct exam. To do this, open your exam record by clicking on the exam name in ProctorU. In the top section, called “Profile,” click on the Open Invite icon to copy the URL:

Open invite icon highlighted

You can then paste the URL into your Moodle course site.

Menus and Reporting

To find information about your students’ test-taking activities, click on the menu items to see scheduled exams, session data for exams that are pending or have already been taken, user information, and reports. Explore these items to track your students’ activity. Looking at exam sessions, including recordings and chat records, can provide valuable information when investigating possible academic integrity breaches.

Academic Misconduct

In the case of a suspected academic integrity breach, ProctorU will flag the incident and issue an incident report, which is sent to the person listed as the contact in the exam information. You can then investigate the report by reviewing exam session data. 


For Students
Frequently Asked Questions

The Test-Taker Knowledge Base contains articles that answer important questions, such as how to schedule exams, what you need to take an exam, how to resolve technical issues, and more. Read each section fully before taking an exam.

ProctorU Student Experience Walkthrough

The following video guides students through the ProctorU startup process so you can be prepared on the day of your exam. 

Please note that the login and startup process may take up to 20 minutes, so be prepared for that extra time when you plan your schedule.

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