Moodle: Custom Weights

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The Customer Weights aggregation method allows you to specify weights for grade items (and / or categories) independent from the maximum grades for those items.  The item's weight will be multiplied by the percentage scored by the student, not the raw score.  In this way, the weight you want a grade item to carry does not have to dictate the maximum grade you assign to that item.

In the example below, all three grade items carry an equal weight despite having different maximum grades.  So each grade item will account for 33.3% of the course total.  Scoring a 15/15 on the class project will have the same exact impact on the course total as scoring a 100/100 on the Final Exam:

Custom Weights configured with different max grades but equal weights for all grade items


In the example below, the weights of all three items match their maximum grade.  This will cause the course total to be calculated in exactly the same way as the Weight by Points aggregation method (the maximum score determines the weight of the item):

Custom Weights configured with each grade item's weight matching its max grade


In the example below, the weight total 100 even though the maximum grades do not.  When the weights total 100, they effectively assign percentages of the course total (or category subtotal if within a category) to each item.  So in this case, the Class Project will account for 15% of the course total, the Midterm Exam will account for 35% of the course total, and the Final Exam will account for 50% of the course total:

Custom Weights configured with all of the weights totaling 100


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