Kaltura: Embed a Kaltura Video into a Moodle Activity or Resource

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Instructors can embed a Kaltura video in any activity or resource using a special button in the text editor. Both instructors and students can embed a video in a Moodle Forum post. Essentially, a video can be added almost anywhere text would normally be used.

To Embed a Kaltura Video within an Activity or Resource:

1. Login to Moodle and open your desired course.

2. Locate the activity or resource you'd like to embed a Kaltura video on and click its respective Pencil icon / Edit button.

Pencil icon / Edit button on a Moodle activity

3. Locate and click the Kaltura Media icon on the text editor in the Description text box.

Embed Kaltura Media button at the right in the editor bar

4. If you want to embed already uploaded content, click the Select button to the right of the video you'd like to embed and go to step 6. If you wish to upload new media to embed, select Add New at the top right and continue to step 5.

Embed menu - select or add new media

5. The Add New button will prompt you to select either Media Upload (to upload existing media on your computer) or Express Capture (to create a new recording from your webcamera). If you receive an error message when selecting Express Capture you may need to allow your browser access to your webcamera and/or microphone; please see your respective browser's documentation for more information.

add new media upload or express capture options

6. Once your media is uploaded, customize your embed settings in the given window. Then click Embed when you are finished.

Kaltura embed options

7. You will be returned to the Edit page for your respective activity or resource. Click Save and Return to Course or Save and Display.

Save options in edit activity/resource page


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