Employee MyLSU ID Account Eligibility


According to LSU's document PS-107, eligibility for a MyLSU ID account for employees is determined by the following criteria:

1. "Faculty and staff may access and use LSU computing resources until the termination of their affiliation with the University. Renewal is automatic and is based on University
records. User(s) whose status as a student or employee has been terminated by the University are no longer authorized to utilize computing resources, even if their access
has not been blocked by technology services."

2. "Retired faculty and staff may be provided access and use LSU computing resources, in the sole discretion of the University, as long as there are resources available to support their continued use. However, the University may limit, withdraw, or deny access to retired members of its faculty and staff in its sole discretion. Renewal is based on continued active account use and University records. If a resource supporting "active" users becomes constrained and the number of accounts belonging to retired members must be reduced, account use and longevity will be used as the criteria for removing accounts as necessary to recover appropriate resources."

10/1/2019 7:32:25 AM