Printing: Fees

Fees for Printing at LSU:

Basic 8.5" x 11" (Available in All Labs)

$0.07/Black and White

Basic 11" x 17" (Available at Public Labs Color Printers only)

$0.25/Black and White or Color

Large Format & Specialty Printing (Available in LSU Library 305)

$3.75/ linear foot (heavy-weight coated)
$7.50/ linear foot (semi-gloss)
$8.50/ linear foot (glossy)
$1.00/ page for photo paper (8.5 by 11)

(Note: The print lab has 1 paper roll size: 3 feet. Files in which both the height and width dimensions are bigger than 3 feet CANNOT be printed.)

1/12/2024 1:28:01 PM