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The CSV Importer may be used to import grades (and feedback if applicable) from sources outside the current gradebook. To work correctly, the CSV file should have column headings and contain a unique identifier that can correspond to one of the unique identifier options in Moodle as explained below. How to Use the CSV...
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General Information If you would like to give a student extra points on a grade item, you can edit the student's score by adding those points to it, and Moodle will calculate it accordingly. Example: If a student scores a 97 out of 100 on an exam, and also got the 5-point bonus question correct. You can type...
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*NOTE: Beginning the Fall 2015 semester, plus/minus grading is required for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses using the A+ through F letter grading system. The default scale in Moodle will be a “sample” grading scale in which instructors can adjust to meet their own needs.
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Moodle allows you to transfer your students' midterm and final grades into your myLSU grade sheets. You will still need to go through the myLSU Post Grades application to submit grades to the Registrar's Office. NOTE : Only the Instructor of Record can submit the midterm and final...
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Retention of Grades LSU has a mandatory 6 month grade retention policy, however, out of courtesy ITS guarantees the retention of grades for up to 18 months . After 18 months there is no guarantee that grades will still be available. Accessing Moodle 2...
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