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To Download an Event from the LSU Calendar: 1. Open the LSU Master Calendar . 2. Click on the Download icon on the Calendar entry that you want to download which is located at the very right of...
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This article will explain how to download multiple LSU Calendar Events for days, months, or a year at a time. You can download all events or a select few. This type of download will help you if you have a larger amount of events that you need to download, rather than just one event at a time. 1. Open...
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To Share an Event on the LSU Calendar: 1. Open the LSU Master Calendar . 2. Double click the event you would like to share.
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General Information Campus Life is a resource offered to enrolled students through the LSU Division of Student Life / Enrollment that works to enhance...
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How to Apply for Supplemental Funding for Student Organizations: There are three types of funding that can be applied for Student Organizational funding through LSU Student Government. Registered student organizations have the opportunity to apply for supplemental funding from three different campus sources. These sources include the...
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Hot to Create & Register a New Student Organization For details on how to Create and Register a New Student Organization, look at the Registered Student Organization Handbook PDF file located...
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General Information Mission Statement - To enhance student learning through innovative leadership, service, and involvement initiatives that enrich the LSU experience. Values - Inclusive Community, Learning, Innovation, Joy, and Integrity. Register an Event...
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General Information The LSU Dairy Store is an on-campus, student-staffed food store that sells many dairy products like ice cream, shakes, and cheeses, along with meats, sandwiches, chips, soft...
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General Information As part of a Student Tech Fee initiative, the University installed several phone charging stations around campus — two in Middleton Library and one in the third floor Union computer lab. Since then, more charging stations have been added to various locations around campus. Cell Phone Charging...
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Generating Reports/Report Types There are eight types of session reports. Each report can be customized by selecting the data options on the right side of the reports window. Important: A Turning Account license is required for each participant.
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