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This article explains how one can access CAS tutoring resources. If you need information on how to add a CAS Tutoring activity to a Moodle course, please see How to Add a CAS Tutoring Activity . Accessing the CAS Tutoring from Moodle: 1. Login to ...
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The activity chooser is another way to add activities and resources to your Moodle course. Toggling Activity Chooser ON/OFF: 1. Log into Moodle and select your course. 2. Turn Editing on by clicking the ...
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General Information Moodle Activities & Resources are tools or features in a Moodle course that allows for measurable and collaborative interaction between teachers and students.
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Once you have added LightBox gallery to your Moodle course, here is how you can add images to it. If you have not created a LightBox gallery refer back to this article: Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add a Lightbox...
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CAS Online tutoring is an online tutoring offered to LSU students by The LSU Center for Academic Success (CAS). This article will show users how to add CAS Online Tutoring using Moodle 3. To Add the CAS Online Tutoring Activity: 1. Login to ...
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This article will walk you through adding a "Purchase Course Materials" activity to your Moodle course. This "activity" acts as a link to Barnes and Noble for your students to purchase textbooks. To Add the Purchase Course Materials Activity: 1....
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Setting up a Workshop in Moodle: The Workshop activity in Moodle provides users with a four phased process to edit and implement the workshop to your Moodle page. This article will take you through the process of following the four phases.
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Purchase Course Materials Settings When Adding the Purchase Course Materials activity , the instructor can also customize the settings. General settings: In the General settings section, you may change the Activity name, Activity description (optional), and decide how...
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The User Override setting provides instructors with the ability to allow for student accommodations and increased time allotments for specific users in their Moodle course. If instructors need to add the same accommodation to multiple students, they can either do so individually, or use the Quiz Group Override settings.
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Add Zoom to a Moodle Course (Non-SNAP Themed) 1. Zoom is considered an External Tool within Moodle. To add an external tool, please first execute the steps outlined in the...
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