Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Turnitin Overview

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General Information

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a feedback and plagiarism detection tool used to improve writing and engage students in the feedback process which students and faculty may use through their Moodle accounts. Students can only use Turnitin if an instructor creates a Turnitin assignment in a Moodle course. Please download the PDF file below with additional information regarding Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Variables which factors into the Report:

  • OriginalityCheck ensures original work by checking submitted papers against other web pages, student papers and leading library databases and publications. 

  • GradeMark helps to save time and improve feedback through online grading where standard and customized marks can be added on the student's document. 

Resources & Training

Create a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle (Also see Turnitin Settings In Detail)

     Rubrics/Grading Forms

Manuals, Tutorials, & More

     LSU Live Expert Training (ONLY for LSU faculty, staff, and students)

     Turnitin Feedback Studio Live Expert Training (Mondays @ 6:00pm CST & Thursdays @ 8pm)

Hands-on Workshops

     Which file types work best for a Similarity Report?

20 Best Practices for Using Turnitin Feedback Studio

     Tagging 10 Types of Plagiarism

WriteCheck Plagiarism Quiz


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