Property Management: LSU Overview

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General Information

The mission of the Office of Property Management is to facilitate the management of LSU's moveable property inventory and motor vehicle fleet, ensuring compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The department encourages the conservation of University resources by promoting the availability of surplus items to campus users. The vision is to excel at our mission in such a way that LSU is recognized by others as an excellent steward of its property.

View the Property Management Forms.

Property & Equipment Requirements

Visit the Property & Equipment Requirements page to view all policies on the following:

  • Disposal of Inventory Property.
  • Idle or Surplus Inventory.
  • Dismantling of Equipment.
  • Stolen or Missing Inventory Property.
  • Movement of Inventory Property on Campus.
  • Removal of Inventory Property from Campus.
  • Trailer Documentation.

Employee Responsibilities 

Visit the Employee Responsibilities page to view all policies on the following:

  • Physical Inventory Reporting.
  • Surplus Property.
  • Fleet Management.
  • Transferring Equipment to a Non-Louisiana State Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I ask if I have any questions?

  • Property Management can be contacted at (225) 578-6921 and for questions or comments. Also a list of available contacts is on LSU's Property Management Site with their area of expertise listed below each contact name. 

Where is the main office for Property Management?

  • The office is located in the River Road Annex Building at 3555 River Road.

What Geographical areas are included for LSU Office of Property Management?  

Areas covered for LSU Office of Property Management  Include:

  • Moveable Property for LSU.
  • Offices of the LSU System.
  • LSU Alexandria.
  • LSU Eunice.
  • LSU Agricultural Center.
  • Branch Stations of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station Located Statewide.
  • LSU Paul M. Herbert Law Center.

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