VLab VMware Client: Mac Installation


Pre-Installation Notes

1. When selecting a web browser, Firefox & Safari are recommended. 

  • This is because there are known issues when installing the VMware Client using the web browser Chrome.  
  • See ITS Web Browser Recommendation for more web browser information.

2. Review the Minimum System Requirements to ensure the installation can properly complete.

Installation Instructions

  • Some applications have trouble running over the defualt PCOIP protocol VLAB uses so it is recommended to install Microsoft Remote Desktop application.  


1. Download the VMware Client vlab2.lsu.edu.

2. Click View Client for Mac OS.

View VMware Client for Mac OS

3. Find the section labeled: VMware Horizon Client for Mac & Click the Go to Downloads link.

4. Find The VMware Horizon Client for Mac product & Click the Download button.

5. Select Save File & Click OK.

saving VMware client

6. Open the Downloads folder & double-click on VMware-viewclient.dmg.


7. Click Agree to the VMware User License Agreement.

agree button

8. Drag the VMware Horizon Client icon over to the Applications folder.

showing to drag the vmware horizon client into the applications folder.

9. Open the Applications folder and click on VMware Horizion Client.

10. Click Open.

showing to click Open

11. You may encounter a disclaimer screen such as the one shown below. Click Accept.

showing the Disclaimer screen in VMware Horizion

12. Enter your Username (PAWS ID) & Password (Your PAWS Password) then click Continue.

VMware horizon showing to enter your paws id and password

13. Select from the list of Available Desktops to connect.

showing icons of the available desktops

14. The VMware Client installation is Complete.

Related Information

Important Note:  If you receive a Mac Keychain message (see below):

  • Click Always Allow (Recommended) or Click Allow.

allowing VMware confidential information in keychain

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