OS X Snow Leopard: Connecting to eduroam


To Connect to eduroam (OS X version 10.5):

1. Click the Wi-Fi icon and click Turn AirPort Off from the dropdown menu.

Turn AirPort Off button

2. Click the Wi-Fi icon again and click Open Network Preferences from the dropdown menu.

Open Network Preferences button

3. Click Advanced at the bottom right area.

advanced button at the bottom right

4. Under the preferred networks list, highlight eduroam and any other LSU profiles and then click the minus " –  " icon.

LSU profiles screen with minus icon in center of window.


5. Click the 802.1X tab at the top, then click User Profiles at the left side. Highlight ALL LSU profiles and click the minus " –  " sign to delete them.

802.1x tab with minus sign at bottom left of window

6. Click OK at the bottom right.

7. Back on the network preferences window, click Apply in the bottom right corner.

** IMPORTANT NOTE:  YOU MUST CLICK APPLY or the deletions will not be saved. **

apply button at the bottom right

8. Now on the left hand side of the screen, highlight the Airport section and click the minus " – " sign at the bottom, deleting the option. Recreate Airport by clicking on the + sign and then name it AirPort.

Airport settings and options with minus sign at bottom right of window

new service dialog box after clicking plus sign to the left of minus sign

9. Click Apply at the bottom right.

10. Go to the spotlight search bar and type in Keychain Access.   Click on the application that comes up in the list.

keychain access command.

11. Once in the keychain, delete anything that says acs-wlan and eduroam or WPA2:eduroam. You can delete by clicking the keychain item and pressing the delete key on your keyboard.

keychain screen.

12. This deletion may call for a password, which was set up when the computer was first purchased and turned on. (Computer's password; not PAWS password.)

13. Go back to the network window and click Advanced.

advanced button at bottom right of window.

14. In the preferred networks tab, there should be no more preferred networks listed. If they are, then start this process over again and make sure to click the OK and Apply buttons after each step.

preferred networks tab with empty list.

15. Click the plus sign to create a new preferred network.

16. Name it eduroam and select the security WPA2 Enterprise.

17. Enter your PAWS ID with "@lsu.edu" and password.  Click OK.

  • NOTE: If you do not enter your PAWS credentials in the form <PAWS ID>@lsu.edu, you WILL receive an error message.

Paws ID and password screen

18. Turn Airport back on and allow the computer to connect automatically to eduroam. A window prompting the verification of the certificate may pop up and it may be hidden behind other windows. If the computer says "Not connected," check for this first before going any further. This will take longer than expected and will go through a series of steps but be patient. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If it still says "self assigned IP address" under the Airport option OR  If it says "Connected" on the right and has a static IP address on the left under airport for more than 30 seconds, turn Airport off and then on again until it says Connected.


Referenced from: Apple

2/15/2018 10:27:48 AM