Vending Machines: LSU Overview

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Vending Machines

General Information

LSU has over 300 vending machines around the campus. They may hold many different types of items such as snacks, drinks, or testing supplies like Scantrons and bluebooks. Most machines only accept cash in the form of a paper bill, though some of the vending machines also accept change in coins or even TigerCash and credit cards, via a Credit option.

LSU Vending Machine Locations

Cash only:
  • LSU Library
  • Nicholson Hall
  • Himes Hall
  • Lockett Hall lounge, 3rd floor
  • Audubon Hall basement (drinks only)
  • Hodges Hall, by doors facing Tiger Stadium
  • J. C. Miller, 1st floor hallway
Credit or Cash:
  • Stubbs Hall
  • Coates Hall
  • Chopin Hall
  • LSU Student Union
  • Design Building Atrium Cafe

Vending Machine Problems

If a problem is encountered with a machine such as a product not being released properly, resulting in lost money, it should not be assumed that another person has already reported the problem. Vending Services asks anyone who encounters vending machine problems to report the problem at 225-578-3263 or by emailing

You may receive a refund for a vending machine that did not work correctly at one of the following locations:

  • Tiger Card Office — 109 LSU Student Union
  • Pierre’s Landing — Between Old Forestry and Patrick F. Taylor Hall
  • Design Building — Atrium Cafe
  • LSU Library — at CC’s
  • UREC Student Recreation Center — Guest Services Desk (578-8601)
  • Student Union Information Desk — Only available when Tiger Card Office is not open
  • LSU Golf Course
  • Pennington Biomedical Center

Referenced from: LSU Vending Services

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