LSUMail: Retention of Accounts



LSU students are given the option to set up a LSUMail account using the PAWS ID that LSU provides (

Once an applicant enrolls at LSU, they are classified as a student. Student accounts are not suspended until they have not been an active LSU student for three major (fall/spring) semesters. By this time, the student will receive an e-mail warning that their account is to be purged.

NOTE: If the student is in graduate school, they are purged after the 3rd semester of non-enrollment.

Graduating students or alumni will receive an e-mail after graduation, warning them that their account is to be purged from the system. At this time, you are given the chance to sign up for a free LSU Alumni e-mail account:  LSU Alumni: Overview.

Faculty / Staff

Faculty and Staff who have Resigned:  Access to LSUMail is disabled 30 days following separation from the university.

Faculty and Staff who have Retired:  Access to the primary LSUMail Account is retained and renewable in 10 year increments via e-mail.

In order for LSU Employees to be able to access financial and tax documents, the myLSU Portal ( will persist for the calendar year following the last year of employment.

12/13/2016 11:49:09 AM