Moodle 3: Blocks: Administration: Import All Materials From Other Moodle Courses


This article describes how to import all of your materials from other Moodle courses into a current Moodle course. Importing All Materials allows the instructor to import all of the content from another Moodle course into a current one without clearing the content that already exists there. If you wish to override all content with your current course and start from scratch, you will need to Overwrite Your Course. If you wish to manually select which content should be imported, you will need to use the Selective Import.

For additional information, please visit GROK article #18477 Moodle 3: Ways to Restore or Import Content into a Course.

To Import All Materials From Other Moodle Courses Into A Current Course:

1. Log in to Moodle and click on the course you want to import content into (e.g., your new course). 

2. Add the Simple Restore block within your desired course if you haven't already. (See GROK article 18411 here for instructions)

3. In the new Simple Restore widget, click Import all materials into current course.

 Import all materials into current course link in the simple restore widget.

4. A list of backups will appear. Select the materials you would like to import by clicking their Name. If you do not see a backup listed for the course you would like to import from, you can manually backup your course (see GROK article 18459 for instructions). 

list of moodle backups available for import

5. Click Continue at the top of the screen to proceed with the import.

Continue button at the top of the screen.

6. A screen will appear telling you that the course was restored successfully. Select Continue to return to the course.

Continue button on the successful restore screen.


Note: If you notice any sections (topics/weeks) missing after importing materials, check to see if any are under sections labled as "orphaned activities." For more information, please visit GROK article 18947.  

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