Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add a Database


Adding a database allows students and instructors to build, display, and search a bank of topics contributed by the class.  The following steps will show how to create a database in Moodle 2.

To Add a Database Activity:

1. Log in to Moodle and select your course.

2. Turn editing on by clicking the Edit button at the top right corner of the page.

Moodle 3 green edit button

3. Click the Add an activity or resource

the add an activity or resource button in Moodle 3

PLEASE NOTE: There are two different ways to complete the next step depending on which view you are in. If you see two separate drop-down boxes, click Add an activity and select Database. For more information about this option, view Activity Chooser Options.    

4. Select Database and click Add.

Moodle 3 selecting database and add button.

5.  Type a Name and write an introduction for the database.

 Moodle 3 Database general settings

6.  Personalize your Database Activity in the Database Activity Settings.

7.  Click Save and return to course.

save and return to course button in Moodle 3

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