Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Restrict Access Settings

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Restrict Access Settings

The restrict access settings allow an instructor to designate certain conditions under which a link to an activity or resource will be revealed. The criteria for revealing links includes pre-set date & time, a predetermined grade on an assignment or grade category (including course total), and/or a designation of completion for another activity or resource.

Restrict Access section

NOTE: Restrict Access settings are also available in the Topic/Week section of the Moodle class page, by selecting Edit > Edit Section in the top-right-hand corner. 

Edit Settings option

By setting up Access Control Contingencies, an instructor can create controlled pathways through course material that require students to fulfill certain requirements before proceeding. Contingencies also allow for multiple outcomes so that a student receiving a high grade on a quiz could see one set of links, while a student receiving a low score would see another set of links, perhaps to remedial or support materials.

  • In order to access the control contingencies the instructor must create an activity or resource in Moodle. The restrict access settings are available by clicking on Edit -> Edit Settings for the activity or resource you would like to modify.

  • The restrict access section is located towards the bottom of the page.

Add restriction window


Restrict Access Options

Activity completion button

This allows the instructor to set a restriction that the student must complete (or not complete) an activity in order to have access to the next assignment.

  • Once the Activity completion button is clicked, select the name of the activity or resource from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: You must create activities and resources BEFORE they will appear on the drop-down menu

  • Choose condition from these options:

    • Must be marked complete

    • Must not be marked complete

    • Must be complete with pass grade

    • Must be complete with fail grade

NOTE: "Grade to Pass" and "Grade to Fail" values must be set within the Grade Item Edit/Update page for an assignment in the GradeBook.

  • Add 2 activity conditions - you can have multiple contingencies.

Date button

This allows the instructor to prevent access until (or from) a specified date and time on the activity or resource.

  • You can set a start date as to when the link to the activity or resource will be revealed with the "Allow access from ..." date setting. Click the Save and Display button to activate.

  • You can set an end date when the link will be removed by using the "Allow access until ..." date setting. Click the Save and Display button to activate.

Grade button

This allows the instructor to require students to achieve a specified grade on the activity or resource.

  • Grade condition (select assignment or grade category from pull-down menu) must be at least _____% and less than _____%*.   (Enter grade values in text boxes)

NOTE: Please be aware that the Second Condition above is LESS THAN.  If you would like for students achieving 100% to meet this grade condition, you MUST enter a value GREATER THAN 100.  (Example: 101)

User profile button

This allows the instructor to control access based on fields within the student's profile.

Access can be restricted using one of the following user fields:

  • Address
  • AIM ID 
  • Address 
  • City/town 
  • Country - This is the two letter country code, NOT the name of the country.
  • Department 
  • Email Address 
  • First name 
  • ICQ number 
  • Institution 
  • Last name
  • LSU ID number 
  • Mobile phone 
  • MSN ID 
  • Phone 
  • Skype ID 
  • Web page
  • Yahoo ID

Restriction set button

This allows you to add a set of complex restrictions to apply complex logic.


Hiding the Conditions

  • If the eye is SHUT not visible icon, eye with a line over it then students who do not meet that part of the condition will not see the activity at all. 

  • If the eye is OPEN visible icon, normal eye the students who do not meet that part of the condition will see the activity but it will be greyed out and have information about why they can't access it yet.

NOTE: The shut eye takes priority over the open eye.

  • For example, you could have 2 conditions, one based on date (with eye shut) and one based on completing a previous activity (with eye open). That way, the activity will not appear at all until the date; then it will appear, but tell you that you need to complete the other activity; then when you complete the other activity you can access it. 

  • For OR and NOT AND type conditions, you only get a single eye icon instead of one for each condition.


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