Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Activity Completion Settings

Activity Completion settings allows instructors and students to track progress through the content of a course. Each content item (resource or activity) can be set to track completion. Although this is referred to as Activity completion it can also be applied to course resources. The Activity Completion setting can be found at the bottom of the edit form page that is used to create or update a resource or activity.


Activity Completion


  • Activity Completion settings are important if you are also using Access Control Contingencies to reveal links for other dependent activities or resources. Activity completion is one of the criteria available for determining when a link will become visible, and it must be set prior to any Access Control Contingency settings.
    • NOTE: If the Activity Completion section does not appear at the bottom of the edit/update page for your activity or resource, it is possible that the Student Progress option is disabled for your course.
  • These settings can be changed later by clicking the edit symbol for a resource or activity and returning to the Edit/Update page.
    • NOTE: Once at least one student has completed a resource of activity, you will see a warning in the Settings page: "Completion options locked"
      • One or more students (1) has already marked this activity as completed. Changing completion options will erase their completion state and may cause confusion. Thus the options have been locked and should not be unlocked unless absolutely necessary."
      • You can unlock the setting by clicking Unlock button, but will student progress information up to that point will be lost for that activity or resource.


Completion Tracking 

If enabled, activity completion is tracked, either manually or automatically, based on certain conditions. Multiple conditions may be set if desired. If so, the activity will only be considered complete when ALL conditions are met.

  • Do not indicate activity completion (Default)
  • Students can manually mark the activity as completed
  • Show activity as completed when conditions are met


NOTE: A tick next to the activity name on the course page indicates when the activity is complete.


Require View

When this option is turned on, students have to view the activity in order to complete it. It will be noted as complete when a student clicks on the link to that activity or resource.



Require Grade 

If enabled, the activity is considered complete when a student receives a grade. Pass and fail icons may be displayed if a pass grade for the activity has been set. 


  • Student must receive a grade to complete this activity
  • Student must submit to this activity to complete it



Expect Completed On

You can set an expected completion date by enabling the Expect Completed On setting. 

  • Set the date
  • Click inside the check box to the left of Enable

This date will appear as a label on the top of the Activity Completion reports column for the activity or resource. If the date has passed, the column will be shaded red. Students do not see the Expect Completed On setting in their Moodle page.


Results of Activity Completion

activity completion check mark

If activities or resources are set for “Show activity as completed when conditions are met,” then a check-mark icon will appear on the student’s Moodle page when the conditions are fulfilled. The check-mark icon will be on the right of the link for that resource or activity.

If the setting changed to "Students can manually mark resources and activities as complete," students will see a square icon to the right of the links to those resources and activities. Clicking the square will place a chem.-mark icon, marking it as complete.



Activity Completion Reports

You can view a report table with a list of your students and their completion results. To view the Completion Reports page, click on the link for Reports in the Administration block. Once the reports page opens, click on the Completion Reports link. This will show a table of your students and their progress. You can export the results to a spreadsheet by clicking on the Download links.

Reports, Activity completion


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