Moodle 3: Transferring Course Content from Master Course



You can import content from your Master Course into your Teaching Course once it is created. For all previously taught courses in Moodle (not Master Courses), skip to step 1 under Import Material into Teaching Course. There is no need to make a backup of your previously taught courses since backups are automatically created at the end of each semester.

Perform Backup

1. Click on your Master Course. You must first make a backup of the course to ensure the backup file reflects the most recent changes you made.

2. Click on the Backup link in the Administration block.

3. Click Next to continue.

4. Click Next on the bottom of the following page to continue.

5. Click on the Perform backup bottom at the bottom of the following page to backup your course.

6. Once the backup is complete, click on the Continue button.

Note: Manually created backups in Moodle 2 will not appear in the list of backups in Moodle 3 since they are not on the same site.


Import Material into Teaching Course

1. Click on the course that you would like to import materials into.

2. Click on the Import all materials into current course link under the Simple restore block. You can click on the Overwrite current course link if you would like to overwrite any existing content already in your course. If there is no content in your course, either option is fine. For additional information, please visit GROK article #18477 Moodle 3: Ways to Restore or Import Content into a Course.

3. A list of backups from your courses will appear. Select the backup file corresponding to the course from which you would like to import materials.

4. Click Continue to proceed.   

5. A screen will appear to let you know the course was restored successfully. Click Continue to return to the course main page.

Note: If you notice any sections (topics/weeks) missing after importing materials, check to see if any are under sections labled as "orphaned activities." For more information, please visit GROK article 18947.  

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